Hippo Chips

Hippo Chips

I am a chip addict. I grew up on uncle chipps when they were in a ¬†bottle green and orange cover… came for 5 rupees and twice the amount of chips then what we get now a days in the 10 rupee pack.

And then they disappeared from the market and Lays came into being. Lays have dominated the market for such a long time that I for got there were any other which exist.

Then came Bingo, ok types… and pringles (way more expensive)..But Lays ruled.

Then one day about a few weeks back I walked into the local grocery store… I saw these shiny orange colored chip packet with a Big Hippo On it. It said ” Thai Cilli”.

I could not resist …. and they are yum!!! Some of their other flavors like chinese Munchurian are yum!!!

I have been so hooked to them that I have not ventured close to Lays since then. And I want the world to check them out.


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3 thoughts on “Hippo!!!

  1. Yeah!! I agree. I liked them too. They have some Pizza flavor too. And the Hippo is so cute. :) . Have you read what it says on the back side. Something to the effect of “Me Hippo no like that you work so much and eat so less”. :)

  2. I really love hippo i have tasted all flavours but now a days hippo.s are nt easily available in mrkt so wenver my husbnd c it he buy a dozen of pakts of hippos for me ..

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