We should be in the zoo.

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We as human beings are a greedy and unbelievable race. I sometimes get surprised and sad at us all at the same time.

We intrude, we encroach and then we kill.
Like other species and wild life… We intrude their space… we decide to set ourselves up in their natural surroundings and then we kill them because we are scared of them.
There was no need for us to kill the 2 snakes in andamas. They could have been captured and dropped somewhere else. They were a set…. living together …. we decided to set up a hut here….and have them come in. Even after knowing they are harm less…. we killed them.
We killed one completely and half killed the other. What was the point. Are we such insane crazy people. Come from the cities and don’t know how to deal and live with the natural life around. ¬†We are not even worth it. We should be the ones in a cage instead of the creatures we see to the zoo.
We should be in a zoo with boards…And the animals should be watching us.
Here is the big fat slob…. he eats all day , watches tv and farts on the couch.
Here is the scary witch…. she yells and abuses anyone coming her way… here here…. show us how you do that…. have some nuts… come on… give us an abuse.
And next my friends… is the ‘all money’ pockets…. show him the green bills… and he would chop everything in his sight to put a fancy sky scraper up for u. He will even without losing a heartbeat kill all those come in his way… trees, creatures… all of them…sometimes .. actually … most times even humans 2.
- Quay
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