Political conflict

I as a citizen of this country am confused. On one end, when I complain about the state of affairs, I am asked do you vote? And I say – No. Then I am asked, then you have no right to complain. I agree.

But my system asks who do I vote for? I have to spend hours following or reading or researching for a better man/woman or choose lesser of the evils from all the candidates there are. Or even better vote for the candidate who will work in my interest. I don’t know. I am not interested in politics. I sit on my elite cushion and bitch about the world and our government where as I do no shit about it except my drawing conversation. Does that mean I don’t care? Or let’s say , care enough? Does that mean I have no right to complain. Some will say yes. Maybe till something profound comes and hits on my face… I will not know or answer. Only there are some many like me the educated, empowered class who complains about a corrupt government but sits on their ass. Some level, we are the one who have created this government.

Another big confusion I have is this  Modi game – people revering a man who has caused state sponspored killings and massacres. The justification we get for the same is:

- Congress has done it. The sikh riots . They need to be brought to account. Agreed. But there needs to be  a beginning from somewhere. Right?

- He is doing so much good to the state… what is past is past. Atleast , there is development and no corruption. Is that a solace for a mas murderer.

- Some say, the circumstances were such. It was needed. Hindu’s were getting harassed. There were colonies where one could not enter… not even the cops. Isn’t that a law and order failure in a state.

The problem is in such cases.. its the innocent and the women and children who get killed. The ones at fault on both ends go free any which way. What was it – to say you did it and I am now showing you I can do it too… That’s an action of a goon and not a chief minister of a state.


All I say is we are constantly justifying murder and killings for some reason or the other. That’s what the terrorists also do. Our judgement is based on the fact which side are we on. Are we getting hurt in the process or it is benefitting us. Is it taking care of our fears and causing fear in us. It is all a cause an effect game and we will all face the consequences for the damage we are causing in the process.


Most say – for get what happened, look at the good. But if we forget the past, it will re occur in the future. Some may want it to re occur. My question is – SHOULD WE FORGET OR FORGIVE WHEN THERE IS NO ACKNOWLEGEMENT OR APOLOGY OF WHATS DONE?


- Quay.



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