U are form-less.

You are a bundle of energy. You take whatever form the environment provides for you. The environment is defined right from the time the egg and the sperm meets. Their quality (what we call the genes) and then the experiences of the mother – what she does ,eats, feels and more while you are in the womb. Then escalated by the very moment you pop out in the world.

You are like the water as mentioned by Hetain Patel in his video. Or more like what he said while imitating Bruce Lee. U will take the form defined by the environment like a cup or plate or river or rain. Otherwise you are formless.


Hetain Patel


That’s what we are. We are formless. We have a form depending on the country, race, house, caste, school, parents, college, work, gender we belong to. Otherwise, we are all the same – formless and purposeless.

So, then why do we fight and have such a trip over everything in life. Because once we get into a form, we need to play that role. But the form can keep changing with changing the environment and context. Why do we still stay rigid on it then. Question is: Is there a choice in how one needs to play that role or is it pre defined?

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