Karmic cycle


Our entire way of being and philosphy is based on the karmic cycle. What goes around comes around. When life beats us down and we don’t have an explanation, the only explanation/justification we give ourselves to keep going is we are clearing our karmic debt. THe only way the entire race attempts at being good is every action has a consequence or an equal and opposite reaction as stated by newton for the logically minded.

We have been told stories on the concept of rebirth and one soul and multiple bodies and the law of karma. From elders, in mythology, in all the stories we have read since we were small. And reinforced as we grow bif by books, people, spiritual leaders, philosphers, posters, internet.

But I don’t have an experience of it? I don’t remember my past lives and who I was and how that defines me today. So how do I believe it being true. It could very well a good strong well crafted story for giving a structure to the otherwise selfish, dark side of humans beings.

What if there was no such story or reality? Now that is a deadly combination to go on a rampage of our own. Isn’t it? How do we control the humans? Make them responsible for their actions? Make them look and do at the good as the bad is very tempting? Would there be any hope? How we would explain and interpret what happens to us – the good and the bad? How would we stay humble with the good and keep hope and life in the bad?

So we build a story. A story of Karmic circle and life. There is one soul and millions of lives and whatever you do there are consequences to it – if not in this life then the next one or the next. But they would be there and they would catch up with you. What a powerful mechanism.


It gives us hope and helps us live this world when we find it has been unfair to us for no reason. We can just put it on the fact that must be the result of some karmic debt. Imagine if we knew that the world is unfair and the ones who hurt us will never get punished. That would destroy us, would it not? So, we build this logic which helps us deal with it.

It also keeps us good and try not do bad or hurt someone or try and keep of all the things we consider wrong.

Ideally, I should know what I have done and caused earlier to know what I am paying for in this life. But I don’t. I assume I am paying for something that may have happened in the past and live with that as everyone else does. Would the karmic cycle be more effective if I know my past lives. Then I would rememeber it better and not do and it be more effective.

But I don’t. I have been told these stories and I follow blindly without an experience of it but some awe and fear of it.

- Q

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