‘Surprise’ Chauffer

Woman Taxi Driver

Woman Taxi Driver

Me and P reach bombay airport at 9:00 pm in the night. As we walk out to get a cab to respective destinations, we find ourselves stuck in front of a super slow = ‘snail-pace’ moving queue in front of  Merucabs. Here we are wondering what the hell… It would take us a forever to get a cab.

P came up with the bright idea of using some phone booths to book a cab the last time she was visiting. I went hunting for them in full suspect. I am not the most comfortable taking unknown cab companies in the night…. But then we are in bombay and bombay is safe at most times.

Here I find myself standing in front of 3 phones… each with a name and number. I pick the one called ‘Priyadarshini’. It connects automatically and in 3 quick seconds there is a female voice on the other end asking me about my whereabouts and where I wanted to go. She takes my number… and the minute I hang up , I get a call confirming – a cab waiting outside the airport for us.

Great ! Me and P jump…. take our stuff and go out… We follow the indicators for Priyadarshini cab service and others. As we stand amongst the sea of frustrated travellers waiting for their MERU /EASY Cabs… we get another call…A lady asked us where we are…based on our location she asks us to turn around… and lo! behold. Right there is the cab…  and there is a WOMAN chauffer waiting for us. She collects our bags… puts them in the car and got in the seat to drive. It took my 10 secs to get the hang of it… a WOMAN Taxi driver.. That is my FIRST.

More shocked than us were the people around. They watch us get into a woman driven taxi and take off while they waited for their MERU’s to come.

I could not get over it. Nor could P. We are completely smitten. I digged in to find out she has been driving for the past 4 years. It is a taxi service for women and disabled people run by an NGO. Our driver liked driving… was not worried about driving in the night ( But then u are not in Delhi). 4 years and I had no idea of  this service. …. super WOW.

I could not get over it through the journey… I kept on ranting about it till H’s house and she eventually told me to shut up. H living in bombay had no clue of this. They need to be talked about and marketed and what not.

An indication of our enthu —– P promptly booked us with them on our way back to the airport too!!!!!.

And I wish more people use their service.

- Quay !

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