Mama says ‘Let’s talk on skype!’

Let's talk on Skype

The Internet has converted all.

I recently visited my in-laws on their 50th wedding anniversary.  They live in a small town ‘M’ in UP. While we were driving to the function being hosted for them, my mom-in-law (70+ in age)  and her brother were talking about some of their very close relatives living in the US and how they wanted to wish them and we were feeling bad about not being able to make it for the function. Suddenly MIL goes ” It’s ok. Will talk to them on SKPYE tomorrow. Will get to see them also.” WOW… I mean WOW….Got my mind going and as I started to look around, I realized that a lot of people esp. the ” older generation” as we call them… are on FB, SKYPE , GTALK and what not.. These are people for who computers and internet is an “alien from lolo land”. They have embraced it with open arms and a wide grin. THey feel cool, connected and best of can can access the people who matter a t a few clicks :) . They are in sync with the IT generation. Imagine the grandchildren saying I have a date with my grand mom on SKYPE today.

My dad is a fairly advanced internet user and embraced it a very long time back but my mom, she uses SKYPE to talk to her daughters and plays computer games on the machine in the evenings.

My Mausi wanted to learn how to use the internet so she could upload profile for her daughters on

My other Mausi wanted to share her pictures in jeans (she had worn them for the first time) with the rest so got them posted on FB.

There are endless examples and stories of our and younger generation, who are scared about their parents and relatives landing up on FB and snooping around in their activities.

The point is – Lo and Behold ! The senior generation has arrived……. ON the NET and there is no stopping them.

- Quay!

U like random pages!

For all the vella people of the world, I was scanning some of the  random fan pages I have seen in my newsfeed over the last few months.

Some cool ones …..

* Tapping someone on the shoulder and making them look the other way.

knock knock.

* It absolutely KILLS when I bang  my little toe on the leg of a table.


* I’m PMSing? What’s your excuse?

Fried :-)

* I find it hard to keep a straight face when I get told off.

Stick my tongue out.

* Pretending to understand someone when you have no idea what they just said.

nod nod nod and smile.

Add more pages…………..:-)

Threadless with iPhone cases is using some of their designs to make cool iphone case covers.

They have done a tie up with Griffin for the same. Threadless provides the art work and Griffin makes the cases which are also sold through the threadless community. already a cult figure in the design community for selling tees and promoting art and design.

Seems like they are getting into other product categories.


Farmville Addiction!!

FarmVille Addiction

FarmVille Addiction

Face book Community has a love-hate relationship with Farmville!!

Some really hate it for the updates and the sheer vellapan of the people who play them.

Some love it. They spend hours doing their layout, decorating, harvesting, seeding ,etc etc. They will publicly aclaim there every single achievement for the world to see and applaud.

I recently came across this case study which talks about how people are spending real money to buy FV’s. Wow! This is one profitable game. Farmville has got 58+ million active users (as on 14th Oct’09)

I also found an interesting fact from a friend addict of Farmville. She mailed me asking me to gift her gravestones. (Let’s not go into details of why?. That would be a completely different post).

Anyway, I ended up asking her how do I make move FV’s. I did not want to spend real money and it is slow.

Here is the response:

“… Here in the US we can sign up for some services like netflix etc and get FV in return, but I wouldnt pay real money for a game, no matter how fun or cute it may be. : ).

Maybe your sis can sign up for some services she may need, and get you some FV’s (just n idea)……”.

This is when I realized how popular the game has been… Tie ups with netflixs..WOW!!!

Thought it was a great marketing idea for both!! Win-Win.

Keep Farming,


Errand baby!

On a day when I was swamped with multiple errands to do, I realize what a great business it would make.

Decide your city, upload ur list of things u want done, and figure out how much it will cost and there –  you have saved time and energy (not the money of course). But what is a little money for the convenience and your time which costs a lot.

The errand agency run and sends it boys out and get the work done and delivered to you.

I agree, things like bills etc. have gone online and u can manage without it.

But what about things like giving or picking ur stuff from dry cleaning or buying doggie food for your dog or getting a plumber in place or getting ur shoe or luggage or mixie fixed.

There are ‘n’ number of these odd jobs that one would be more than happy to pass on.

I searched the internet for any of these babies being around.

There were a few already existing ( not in India though) but with the same thought.

I think it would be great of someone can replicate the same here. !!!


Tech in our lives !

I do not remember what class I was in.

But I definately remember reading this one chapter in my english book (CBSE Board) about how this little boy gets up in the morning and gets ready for school.

Only school for him was not running out of the house and catching a bus, entering a classroom, sitting among 20 other children…passing chits with friends, making fun of the ones he did not like.

He just got up and sat in front of a computer. The machine came on at the specified time and there was interaction between the kid and the teacher on the other end. History, then one hour of geography , then the next….

And I found it weird at that time and wondered why would someone want to study like that. There are no friends to interact with, there is no environment. This is just a fantasy of someone’s mind. It can never happen.

Or it felt so alien that I never thought it would happen in my lifetime.

And like many other things, I have been proven WRONG!!

I see the change happening right in front of my eyes. There are VC companies/funds investing in remote learning/e-learning left right and center.

I have seen some trial and live sessions of faculties in all kinds of areas like IIT JEE, remote MBA, regular school tuitions of remote learning through VSAT/Internet cable line. They are in blackboard form, powerpoint presentation form, video conferencing form and there is more and more innovation happening in the space to make it better and better.

Another instance, is some serial on TV (Dordarshan), I remember watching, again way back in my schools day. The serial was a futuristic serial. It has fundas what we call video call today. One could view each other on a telephonic call. The food was replaced by pills- each pill for a certain vitamins, mineral or nutrient. That time and I am talking of is the late 1980′s and early 1990′s. At that time any of this seemed so unrealistic atleast in our time frame.

I realize how fast the world is changing, the traditional thoughts being broken by technology. Some of these stories or sci fi flicks I read might just come alive in some form or the other.

All the talk about Artifical Intelligence, a Virtual world will soon happen, a large part of it in my lifetime itself.

All that I read or hear about as futurist thoughts are not too be discounted or considered too far in the future. Who know what becomes a reality and how soon.


Coffee and NRI’s

As we (me and pooja) both sat having coffee after a really long and draining day, there are couple of things we noticed. Or lets put it like, i noticed one small thing and she gave me two big insights about Indians staying abroad.

We were chatting away to glory about bits here and there and the conversation moved to buying a new phone and then of course to the hottest of the hottest one around, the very own ‘iphone’. Here is an observation on the same from Pooja. She has recently come back from a two month long salsa workshop in US. The maximum number of people who have iPhones in US are Indians. Mostly all people use a motorola/ motorazr or some other business phone. But We Indians, how we love showing off the lastest fashion gadget around. We have to be with the ‘in’ crowd considering our ‘Punjabi- show off’ blood. Just because we have become NRI’s, does not mean we have lost touch with our roots.
Then i recollect out of the small number of people i know there, both my sisters (Indians) and brother in law ( Indian) iPhones, validates pooja’s point to some extent. I would love to talk to/ or hear viewpoint of some more people on this.
The other was again about the Indians staying in US. Indian kids are more cranky and demanding or throwing a fit around than other kids. Hum…. We are hyper active generation. So, if u go to a resturant, the other kids would be peacefully playing with their food, toys or whatever is it that they have their hands on but the Indian kids would be shouting, creating a rucus and throuwing a tantrum around.

( Both are big generalizations, there are of course many exceptions to the rule. And both are borrowed observations… so u cant beat me up on them).

Though as mentioned above, I would love to read/hear other thoughts on the same.
DOne for the day.

Computerized “hand writing”

I have become so used to writing on the machine that i have lost touch with my ‘hand’writing.
It starts to hurt after a couple of lines, like you are not used to it anymore and the letters go all sqiggly and skringy.
I remember my class 5th when i was just beginning to write with a ink pen. 
I dont think it was too different.
Are we going to lose touch with our’hand’writing as we go along?
Think about it.