Making eavesdropping a blogtime.

I came across this one while stumbling. The man has made an entertainment out of having to live with two girls on the floor above and the racket they create.

I dont know if the below piece of work, is out of entertainment, amusement or pure outright frustration. He is creative I must say. I like the theme, the letters, I would keep coming back to this one.

Dear girls above me

- Have fun.

U like random pages!

For all the vella people of the world, I was scanning some of the  random fan pages I have seen in my newsfeed over the last few months.

Some cool ones …..

* Tapping someone on the shoulder and making them look the other way.

knock knock.

* It absolutely KILLS when I bang  my little toe on the leg of a table.


* I’m PMSing? What’s your excuse?

Fried :-)

* I find it hard to keep a straight face when I get told off.

Stick my tongue out.

* Pretending to understand someone when you have no idea what they just said.

nod nod nod and smile.

Add more pages…………..:-)