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I was reading Asura , a semi fictional or completely fictional book talking about ramayana and the sequence of events from the perspective of Ravana. As part of  the process, I realized I was also questioning the stories we have grown up on. The larger than life image, the righteous Rama was getting questioned in my head as I read. The clear line distinguishing the Devas as the good and the Asura’s being the evil was getting blurred.

I saw myself moving in the direction of them being two different races and each living by their moral code of conduct. And the fact there was good and bad and ugly in both. They say it is the victorious who writes history and it is distorted to benefit them. Is that what happened? And it got glorified and the grey of the Devas got dissolved.

The book did two things for me:

It made me realize that literature is so powerful. What you read can change the way you think so suddenly.. It helps you form who you are. I guess that’s why we emphasis that we should read and travel. It opens your mind. At the same time, a dark thought came to me. That if one book is making me question… what would some of the hate books on various religions would be doing to the minds of people. A lot of people would be only exposed limited information and books and my god! I am scared to think how that mind functions and how bitter can be. No wonder there is so much chaos and mess in the world. Word is the most powerful weapon.

The second thing which kept going on in my head why the hell can’t we expect the grey in someone who we put on a pedestal. All of us have the good, the bad and the ugly. All are gods do. They have used unethical means to establish their rule in so many stories. Mahabharata talks about it. Why when we make people our mentors and look at public figures, not accept the grey in them and appreciate them for the good and skill they have. Why do we beat them down for the grey. Are we so hungry to get rid of the grey. Do we want to build a righteous image of someone for our own faith in mankind. Is that what happened to Rama. Why are we so harsh on the grey.


- Quay


Women, bring on the earthquakes!

Now this is a new one. I have heard, read stories of all kinds and nature where women led men astray…..what could the poor little man do. He has his mind and control in his pants and these women… sheeshh!!!

Now even God cannot resist  but take a peep at the scantily dressed women. And mother nature (technically referred as  a ‘she’) has turned lesbian. She unleases her unbridled sexual urges in the form of  earthquakes today, tomorrow it would be tornadoes and god knows what day after….(Hmmm… I like the tornadoes part I think!! Fits a little better)

Completely logical. I wonder how much time, currently a cleric, spends in conjuring such insights. I would love to get my hands on some detailed research he may have done in this case. Very very insightful !!! It would provide far greater entertainment and amusement then the ‘saas-bhau’ serials we get to watch on TV.

An article from BBC:

Women shake the world.


Maya and Her Orgy!

She Bangs....

She Bangs....

I was chatting online with R last evening. In course of our random chatting about the world and it’s doing, we came up with this brilliant theory demystifying maya-kinky maya.

Post the theory,

We complained about M and how he refused to let us make a babaji out of him and has deprived us of all the millions we could have accumulated over the years.  Why M? Because people would not believed me or R even if we tried. M is this sincere, good guy everybody likes.

Our conversation started with…..

R: …. next level to make money,  i will go from tailor to pimp……..

S: It’s all maya……

R: Who is maya? Have not met her? Don’t remember banging her.

S: It is her banging you, not the other way round.

Our Theory: As a matter of fact, Maya is banging the whole world… She does not discriminate. She welcomes all and sundry.. class, creed, sex, race, gender, no preferences of any kind. She maybe a bit biased. She bangs some harder and some lesser.. but she does not spare any. We all chase her, want more and more of her to the point of obsession. And are jealous when someone else has her more than we do. And she is quick, she changes forms, colors, shapes, thoughts, everything. It’s all one big ORGY! for her and she is having a blast at it.

As Ricky Martin puts it …

“….Talk to me

Tell me your name
You blow me off like it’s all the same
You lit a fuse and now I’m ticking away
Like a bomb
Yeah, Baby

Talk to me
Tell me your sign
You’re switching sides like a Gemini
You’re playing games and now you’re hittin’ my
Like a drum
Yeah, Baby

Well if Lady Luck gets on my side
We’re gonna rock this town alive
I’ll let her rough me up
Till she knocks me out
She walks like she talks,
And she talks like she walks

And she bangs, she bangs
Oh baby
When she moves, she moves
I go crazy
‘Cause she looks like a flower but she stings
like a bee
Like every girl in history
She bangs, she bangs……..”

M, are u listening? Such enlightenment to provide the world and u sit on the sidelines doing nothing about it. Where is ur sense of duty?


In the name of Religion-1

The trouble with Islam today

The trouble with Islam today

This is third time I am writing this one. I had finished the entire thing and then some random thing happened and it all went bust…..

It almost feels like there is some force working towards blocking it.

Here I go again……. Now split in two posts because of some technical issue..

I came upon this book called – ‘The trouble with Islam Today’ by Irshad Manji

She is asking some extremely pointed questions to the ‘so called custodians of Islam’ and even more pointed questions to the ‘liberals who are keeping silent and not objecting to the misinterpretations of the religion’. She lays importance on the fact that education and understanding of the Quran is very important. Also, it is important to understand how religion is used and abused for pretty politics.

A quote from the book which has stayed in my mind:

…… Snippet from ‘The Guide for the Perplexed’ demonstrates his intellectual honesty:”(I)t is in the nature of man to like what he is familiar with and in which he has been brought up, and that he fears anything alien. The plurality of religion and their mutual intolerance result from the fact that people remain faithful to the education they received.“………………….


In the name of Religion-2

I have had to split my entire thought process into two articles… in order to get this article out irrespective of the technical snag I am facing.

The trouble with Islam today

The trouble with Islam today

I remember a conversation with a friend of mine in Bangalore a couple of months back. I was visiting her just around the Jamia Nagar, New Delhi terrorists encounter and the newspapers were full of them. There were articles all over the papers about people who were being discriminated against basic services such as pizza delivery, phone connection etc. based on the address they were living in (at that point, Jamia Nagar area). The complaints were that the people of the religion/ or living on the given address were being victimized for things done by a select group of extreme thinkers and doers.

I was in full sympathy for the people and ended up voicing my opinion to S. Because some people were behaving in a irrational nature did not account for castigation of the entire community. S had all her concerns for the community and the issues they were facing but had a different view point to the problem. She very categorically pointed out that if the religion is being wrongly interpretation, then what are the liberals and people who understand the Quran doing? Why are they not educating the world about what Islam is and how it started as the most progressive religion and not the face we see it as today. The people have to stand up and say no to this nonsense that has been going around instead of playing victim.

We kept debating about this till we were ready to pass out.

I, on reading ‘The trouble with Islam Today’ can understand what S was saying a lot better. And the fact that it applies to all religions.

For example: Bangalore is today facing attacks of wrong ‘western culture, pub culture, mall culture’ by the self claimed custodians of the Hindu religion. These are primarily political parties wanting to fulfill their agenda of votes and getting media bytes. They hire goons to create havoc in the system. If we do not shut them up now, then we are partly responsible for the encouragement they get.


Comfortably ‘NUMB’

My mind has been swirling in multiple directions since Wed, 26th Nov’08.

Me and I am sure, many like me were up all night on wed, watching in horror,  the terrorist attack unfold ‘LIVE’ on TV.

Every single channel covered (some extremely irresponsibly) it, but none the less.


There has been so much written and talked about the operation while it was in process and more, now that’s its over.

 There were few things which kept doing a ‘merry go round’ in my mind.


Observations and thoughts which refuse to get out of my system.


-      Terrorist’s: Those guys are how old? Media says between 20-28 years. They look like us. They dress like us. What have they been fed with (mentally) to reach such levels of hatred – to fire indiscriminately on whomever comes in their way? Have they suffered so much in their lives? If not, how are they brainwashed so much? What kind of money is good enough to carry out an operation of this magnitude? WHY? WHY? That’s what keeps coming back to my mind. There is no religion in the world which preaches killing like this. The word ‘jihaad’ has been interpreted to completely different levels to suit the convenience of a few to gain power and attention.


I keep hearing “this is in response to the cruelty and injustice towards our  people”. There are similar claims which go around when any organization sends out an email, taking responsibility of creating terror. Can some of them pin-point and explicitly tell which are incidents in their life that resulted them to feel the way they and do acts such as they are conducting.  

Will this end with their killing? Will they get justice and go to heaven? They will orphan some kids who could grow up to be just them and turn the guns around and this will never be over.

I was recently reading ‘City of Djinns’. Delhi has a history of high scale massacres. Massacres based on which ruler – religion was ruling at that point of time. We have been forever fighting on religion.


-      Media: They bring us the information. They are great. But in times of crisis there is a certain amount of responsibility they need to carry on their shoulders instead of making a ‘ sansani’ out of everything for TRP’s. They were showing position of the Army, where they were hiding, their plans, how they were moving, and Navy commanders coming down the helicopters live. HELLO. You are providing information to the very terrorists who are killing your people. Wake up!!


-      Politicians: The most amusing thing I noticed was the call for “Where is Raj Thackeray and his Marathi sena in times of crisis.” I have seen a SMS for him published in Times of India today morning.


       We have been lambasting our Government for not having proper systems and counter intelligence in place. I agree completely. We need a judicial and Intelligence overhaul in our system. Police reforms are needed. The politician’s responses have been the most ludicrous. Our politicians cannot even stay united in such times. They look at this as an opportunity to get media and some vote banks. But I also noticed that the current government did not negotiate and sent in the forces immediately to tackle the issue.

They did not sit on their asses as in the case of an Indian Airlines Flight 814 being high jacked on Dec 24th, 1999, flown over Indian Territory and taken to Kandahar in Afghanistan. It went out of our control as we lost precious moment by inability to take action in time.

We were of course graced by the likes of ‘Narendra Modi’ and ‘Mr. L. K. Advani’ for their media bytes. There has been enough said about them. I need not say more. Mrs. Karkare refusal to take compensation from Narendra Modi says it all.


-      Forces and The Taj Staff: Hats off to them for what they have done in getting on top of this situation. They have risked their lives for save hundreds of others. They have been the HEROES as rightly stated as. One can say as much and its still less.  


Much needs to be said about the Taj service/Staff. They have been very courageous. They took it on themselves to get as many guests out as possible. They were the shield for the guests of Taj. They were our HEROES.I don’t know how any of us would react in such as situation. Most of us would run to save out our own asses.



-       And the people (All of us – one billion +): I walked in office the next morning. I saw people unaffected by this. Some even commented – ‘aisa tu hota raita hai. Not to get to bothered with’. I was appalled. When will it bother u? When it has hit you in the face. Is then when u will wake up to it. It’s this indifference which causes the damage.

Your words are irresponsible: This is the time we need to keep our heads in place and not loose sense and go in community fervour. People have gone about making irresponsible comments about other communities and nations.

These are people who are educated and know what sentences/words like this can cause. I can’t grasp some of these people.

People have died unimaginable deaths- burned, killed by bullets, killed by grenades.


Religion/ country/ languages are ways to understand how the other person thinks, lives and behaves. Full stop. Beyond that faith is the same. Each religion talks about faith and god. None of us look like each other. What is the problem if each has a different god and a different way of accessing God.


I tend to wonder “Am I overreacting to all of this?” Or are we all ‘Comfortable Numb’.


A good article a friend forwarded:





Heidi As Godess Kali

This Halloween, Heidi Klum, a German super model created quite a buzz with her Halloween outfit.
She dressed as Goddess Kali.

And of course, all the saffron flags go up and love for religion has suddenly blossomed in the hearts of ‘Hindu’s. There is always some random organization or religious outfit who is demanding an apology for ‘degrading’ our Hindu Religion.

Religion and sex are the most exploited ways to get your ‘moment of glory’. And it works everytime and everywhere. It’s in our DNA.

Religion is to provide you with easier access to higher forces and energies, not to dwell and create issues about. It shows a passage for freedom, self-expression and awareness, not something to fight and kill over. How does it matter who is who, and the bigger question is – who are we to decide that? Dressing up as Goddess Kali, is not going to tarnish the powerful force, belief and respect that Goddess Kali commands. It is our ego which gets offended. How come we are not taking offence to some of the versions of Ramayana and Mahabharat that come on our ‘Idoit Box’. This new version on ‘Mahabharat’ on NDTV Imagine takes the cake with its beefcake boys playing semi gods.

To my mind, the outfit and makeup looks great. A lot of effort has been put to get the outfit and the look together. It looks beautiful. Heidi Klum may have generated curiousity around Goddess Kali. Some people may read about it, talk about it. It’s getting new audience, across different cultures. Of course, some may wrongly interpret it but that’s ok. Haven’t we Hindu’s been wrongly interpreting our own religion and abusing it for our selfish goals, for years now?

When I started to write this post, I had no idea it would get so serious.

I started with – Wow!!!! Look at that. Its gorgeous. And i love the shoes!! Check out the skull boots she is wearing in the outfit. Complete kick ass! I have to put this on My ‘Potlee’.