Carpool stories

Carpool stories

Having moved to private mode of travel in the city, I had lost touch with the capacity of meeting some strange new people while commuting. This was earlier so common in buses or in trains. Yes, there is a metro but everyone is PLUGGED into their devices… who wants to even talk to you. No one!

But a car… Hmmm… thats different. It is an intimate space. Once one gets in, you cant avoid the person sitting with you. There is a basic hello atleast and then it’s where you want tot ask the conversation. I had some interesting experiences and everytime I have carpool and had a companion, I have chatted and come out feeling good about meeting complete strangers in a city where we surround ourselves with familiarity.

#myfirstcarpool: There were two guys in the car. My driver was completely shocked that I did a carpool. Ask me if I knew I would be sharing the cab at least 3 times.

#munirka: Picked an middle aged gentleman. He was going to CP. We chatted about how we were happy about carpooling and hope no incidents happen else it would be a hard clamp down on a good initiative.

#Shahpurjat: Met a woman working for the music event company. They organzie ‘magnetic field’ festival. It was an interesting conversation

#thebestone: Met an entrepreneur in the education space. After sideline conversations, realised he was partner in the same education set up as friend of mine. We surprised him with landing up at their office. We met in Uber!

#andmore… I can write about more stories but then this will be too long. So some to follow …later! Right now, I need to book my carpool ride back from Gurgaon.