Nails, Masooma Syed, Lahore

Nails, Masooma Syed, Lahore

Had landed up for an exhibition which showcased work on ” borders”, restrictions and conflicts.

The line of artists included some great pieces by Pakistani artists also. It was the first time for me to see their work.

One form of medium completely intrigued me. I had so far not thought of possibilities of such kind… but then that the limitation in my mind and reason why I am not where she is. :-)
The artists name is Masooma Syed, Lahore. The piece was untitled.
A picture of her art is there for viewing. She has made this delicate piece with her nails. It’s a beautiful piece and what a medium.
Another piece or expression which held my attention was as soon as I entered the exhibition, there was a video showing an ant going round and round within a closed boundary. The border was drawn by some blue substance. It was a shapeless closed formation and the ant was within it. There was nothing restricting the ant, but for some reason the ant would not “cross the line”.
The emphasis lay on the fact borders/ lines lead to restrictions. Even though we would want to live and move freely, we end up forming boundaries that eventually puts us in a cage.
Let’s say thats my understanding and interpretation of the same.
I don’t have a picture of the same but that particular imagery stuck to my mind.

The exhibition was organized by KHOJ.

KHOJ is an international artists association based in India.